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int SunPinyinLookupTable::append_candidate ( const ICandidateList &  cl,
int  index,
int  begin 
) [private]

set the candidate in lookup table

clthe candidate list including all available candidates in current page
indexthe candidate's index in page
beginthe begin position in candidates
the length of candidate string

Definition at line 109 of file sunpinyin_lookup_table.cpp.

References decorate_candidate(), and get_current_page_start().

Referenced by update_candidates().

    const TWCHAR* cand = 0;
    int len = 0;
    cand = cl.candiString(item);
    if (!cand)
        return len;
    len = cl.candiSize(item);
    ibus::Text text(ibus_text_new_from_ucs4(cand));
    decorate_candidate(text, cl.candiType(item));
    int index = get_current_page_start() + item;
    ibus_lookup_table_set_candidate(*this, index, text);
    return len;

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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