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SunPinyinEngine Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
void init ()
bool is_valid () const
virtual bool onConfigChanged (const COptionEvent &event)
 SunPinyinEngine (IBusEngine *)
gboolean process_key_event (guint key_val, guint key_code, guint modifiers)
void focus_in ()
void focus_out ()
void reset ()
void enable ()
void disable ()
void page_up ()
void page_down ()
void cursor_up ()
void cursor_down ()
void commit_string (const std::wstring &)
void property_activate (const std::string &name, unsigned state=PROP_STATE_UNCHECKED)
void candidate_clicked (guint index)
void update_candidates (const ICandidateList &)
void update_preedit_string (const IPreeditString &)
void update_status_property (bool)
void update_punct_property (bool)
void update_letter_property (bool)

Private Member Functions

void update_cancel_with_backspace ()
void update_cand_window_size ()
void update_candi_delete_key ()
void update_charset_level ()
void update_config ()
void update_correction_pinyins ()
void update_fuzzy_pinyins ()
void update_fuzzy_segs ()
void update_history_power ()
void update_lookup_table ()
void update_mode_key ()
void update_page_key (const char *conf_key, bool default_val, unsigned page_up, unsigned page_down)
void update_page_key_bracket ()
void update_page_key_comma ()
void update_page_key_minus ()
void update_punct_key ()
void update_punct_mappings ()
void update_shuangpin_type ()
void update_user_data_dir ()

Private Attributes

SunPinyinConfig m_config
ibus::Engine m_engine
CHotkeyProfile * m_hotkey_profile
SunPinyinProperty m_letter_prop
SunPinyinLookupTable m_lookup_table
ibus::PropList m_prop_list
SunPinyinProperty m_punct_prop
CIMIView * m_pv
SetupLauncher m_setup_prop
SunPinyinProperty m_status_prop

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file sunpinyin_engine.h.

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